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STARKIDS ENGLISH HUBS are a low cost and fulfilling opportunity for individuals who wish to offer some services in the Early Education space and are ideal for housewives, teachers, and others who can teach/manage English programs for young children.  An individual may start operations as an English Starhub with an initial Set-up cost as low as Rupee30,000 and offer English courses with certification from University of Cambridge, UK.

All you need is:
  • About 200 – 300 sq ft space (could be in your residence or a stand alone space)
  • Ability to invest  about Rupee30,000
  • Passion to work with young children
  • Experience in teaching English or access to English teachers who can teach in your Hub
  • Desire to build your own business with a renowned International Brand

As an English Hub, you would be able to offer the complete suite of English Certifications from University of Cambridge ESOL for children between the age of 6 to 14 years.

This is an ideal ZERO RISK, HIGH RETURN, RECESSION PROOF opportunity for you to explore in your community and social environment. 

Earn not just money, but also the respect of your peers and society by delivering outstanding value!

If you would like to avail this opportunity or would like to introduce someone who might, do not waste time – Contact us NOW! 

Start your Business – Build your Dreams
Obtain a Teaching Qualification from Cambridge
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