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Communicative English
Helps Parents to:
    Assess their child’s ability to use English in a practical manner over a variety of contexts
    Identify the focus on the real life goals and achievement since the scenarios and activities used are practical and topical
    Fulfill their efforts to provide all relevant life-skills for their child’s ambition and goals
    Acquire a worldwide recognised qualification for their children
    Benchmark their child’s English ability against an international standard and accepted qualification
  Enables a pupil to:  
    Enjoy a Stimulating learning process
    Increase the Motivation & Enthusiasm to learn
    Growin confidence as he/she becomes familiar with the language
    Inculcate better understanding of the language
    Judge his/her positive progression
    Develop the confidence to use all four skills
    Study English quickly & effectively in a practical yet enjoyable way
    Improve writing skills
    Build up superb oral communication skill
    Improve spelling and vocabulary
    Use the acquired knowledge to augment and supplement the English Curriculum
    Develop self esteem and confidence
    Venture into a more competitive world
    Appear in a fair, reliable and relevant test
    Experience a specially designed test to achieve an expected standard
    Learn language in a stress free environment
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