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Dear Friends,
A child develops up to three-fourth of his or her intellectual ability by the age of eight, making appropriate stimulation and involvement extremely important in the early years. By the time the child is settled into the formal school system, the best opportunity to foster this brain development might well be over. The traditional education system in India is based on teaching, while the intensely competitive and fast-paced professional life of today, calls for an innovative learning based approach, and that too at an early age.
We need a paradigm change to the learning system to harnesses the various skills and abilities of children and provide them an integrative thinking mindset as well as a holistic personality, and above all equip them with competitiveness as well as compassion, for achieving future success.

Conceived to precisely address this rapidly rising need, Starkids is a ground-breaking initiative by Apex Knowledge Group, and brings to you Preschool programs as well as Enrichment programs for young children. Starkids Programs are designed to inculcate a passion for learning to explore information at an early age by using an innovative curriculum, in an enriching environment, to enjoy learning conducive to develop critical skills and abilities in kids that will benefit them in school, and throughout their lives.

The unique Starkids curriculum caters to both Horizontal and Vertical Enrichment. It not only develops early communication, literacy and numeracy skills, but also imparts diverse functional skills such as Leadership & Teamwork, Integrative Thinking, Concentration, Perseverance, Goal Setting and Target Achievement, Social & Environmental Awareness, Practical Application of Knowledge, etc. While enhancing the requisite life-Skills that last a lifetime, our programs also reinforce and provide a deeper knowledge of traditional subject areas. Our teachers, who are more of “enablers” and “facilitators”, are trained to observe and respond appropriately to children, equipped with knowledge of how children develop, learn and react and possess a clear understanding of possible next steps in their development and learning.

Starkids offers an exciting opportunity for parents to help children in exploring their full potential and prepare them for lifelong success. Aiming to provide an optimal learning environment for children throughout India, with the right curriculum, expert facilitators and scientific delivery techniques, Starkids is now geared to expand its retail footprint across all major Indian cities through like-minded franchise partners.

Join the growing world of Starkids in promoting experiential learning with skills enrichment…

Warm Regards
Nirmal Agarwal

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