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Starkids Enrichment Programs – FAQs

Q How are Starkids Enrichment Centres different from Activity Centres?
A.In Activity Centre specific activities like dance, craft, music, etc., are conducted with a distinct objective where as in an enrichment programme multifarious activities are conducted with the common underlying goal of improving the individual’s life-skills to help them succeed in school and in life.

Q Is it a Tutorial?
A.No, enrichment has nothing in common with a tutorial – it takes care of the complete development of a child especially in the areas of functional skills. Of course, while the children are undergoing the program, they will learn many things that shall help them excel in their school work.

Q How will it benefit my child?
A.The Starkids Enrichment Program arouses the love and quest for learning at an early age. The innovative approaches help the children to identify themselves while they explore their environment, enjoy their learning, and enrich their minds; and to attain skills and abilities that will benefit them through out their lives.

Q What skills do Starkids Enrichment Centres address?
A.The following functional life-skills are generally being addressed during the enrichment programme: Communication
Public Speaking
Leadership and Teamwork
Personality and Positive Attitude
Logical Thinking
Concentration and Memory Enhancement
Goal Setting & Target Achievement
Social & Environmental Awareness
Lateral Thinking
Practical Application of Knowledge

Q How can the skills be measured?
A.Functional skills are measured on specific parameters and objectives through overall observation and reflection of children’s performance over a period of time. At Starkids, parents are provided an update on their ward’s progress every six months.

Q What is the procedure of admission? What are the entry points?
A.The child has to visit the centre and needs to get enrolled before the commencement of a batch at a specific level. During the admission time a photocopy of the birth certificates along with two passport photographs are to be submitted. A child can join at the following levels.

Q What teaching methodology is being followed?
A.Starkids follows a unique style that accomplishes Life-skills Enhancement through a planned usage of activities catering to the Multiple Intelligences and various preferred learning styles of learners.
Interactive Sessions
Visual learning experience
Auditory/ Verbal learning
Creative Activities
Pair Activities
Group Work
Team Building
Role Play
Individual presentations and others

Q How do you incorporate value education in the curriculum?
A.Creating Social Awareness and imparting values are of primary importance within the curriculum as the program encourages children to think and develop knowledge from information using their experience, and as a result transfer of knowledge occurs through active participation & involvement.

Starkids Preschool – FAQs

Q Is Starkids Preschool a Montessori House?
A.Yes it is. We follow the Montessori pattern as well as contemporary international curriculum to prepare and equip our children.

Q Why should I put my child into the Starkids Preschool?
A.To make your child exposed to a variety of learning activities, creative opportunities, rich and stimulating experiences, well planned play activities and improved communication skill.

Q What is the time of admission to Starkids Preschool?
A.Any time, as and when the child attains the age as per the requirement.

Q What is the admission procedure to Starkids Preschool? What are the documents we need to submit at the time of admission?
A.Parents are requested to meet the concerned person before admission along with the child. A copy of the birth certificate along with three photographs needs to be submitted during the time of admission.

Q How old does my child have to be at the time of enrollment?
A.The enrolment process starts after a child attains the age of 1.5 years.

Q What does my child need to carry for his classes?
A.The child needs to carry the ID card, two napkins, water bottle and tiffin. The parents are advised to deposit a set of clothes to the school for emergency use.

Q Does my child have to be toilet trained?
A.Although it is preferable, it is not a requisite for a small child has to be toilet trained.

Q Do you have any school dress code?
A.No specific dress code except on some ‘occasion’ days and Fridays when they need to wear the Starkids T shirt. We expect children to be in comfortable clothes.

Q What is the teacher-student ratio?
A.1: 8

Q How do you prepare children for the admissions process?
A.We prepare children through mock interview sessions, conversation and memory tests specifically. However, the whole curriculum and all day-to-day activities prepare the children in some way.

Q Do you hold orientation for parents too?
A.Yes we do undertake parents’ grooming sessions.

Q How frequently do you interact with parents?
A.We interact with parents once a month to monitor the progress of the child and to jointly develop the way forward for their complete development.

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