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Parent speak
"Our child used to be very shy and timid, but under your guidance, she has overcome all her weaknesses and is a confident kid now."
Mr & Mrs S. Dasgupta
Somsree’s parents

"We are very thankful to Starkids for whatever you have done for our son - you have truly lived up to your commitments. Shivam was an introvert, shy, used to cry when alone, and was not confident when speaking.  Within a few days at Starkids, we found a gradual change in his behaviour & attitude, his body language, his actions, his speech, his confidence.  He now takes a keen interest in books, talks to people, shares and mingles with others, and his speech and word formation are better…. the best part about Starkids is your Open House approach where you take in ideas/views of parents and incorporate it in the modules."
Mrs Chopra
Shivam’s mother

"Samudra is a motherless son and I was very worried about his behaviour and progress.  Where other children’s centres gave up, Starkids took him in and immediately put him at ease.  Over the past few months at Starkids, Samudra has matured and developed in all respects, and loves to spend time at Starkids."
Mr Pabitra Kumar Halder
Samudra’s father

“Starkids has truly been able to fulfil the aims for which I put my kid there.  He has started showing good team skills and also takes an active leadership role whenever he is with other children.  The methodology at Starkids is so innovative that it leaves a strong impression on the child.  Only last week, Aryaman, who is only four years old, used the word ‘camouflage’ in its proper context and then went on to explain me the whole story and theme of the Starkids class in which he had learnt the word!  It was so amazing and satisfying to see my child well informed and able to use his knowledge in a practical manner.”
Mrs Sonali Gupta
Aryavardhan’s mother

“Pooja has started showing a greater openness to learning and actually enjoys the classes where earlier, in her school, she used to shy away from going at all.  She looks forward to attending Starkids and enjoys learning there.  The amazing thing is she does not even realize she is being taught … the classes are so much fun that she comes back wanting more.  The activity and themes used are very popular with her and she just loves telling me the numerous things she does on the interactive StarBoard.”
Mrs Shraddha Agarwal
Pooja’s mother

“My son has been attending the Starkids program for the last ten months and has shown remarkable improvement in various facets.  He is more confident and looks for opportunities to speak in public whereas he would earlier be shying away from it.  He has become more inquisitive and wants to learn.  Not only that, he has started understanding the practical utility of what he learns.  The teachers in his regular school are amazed at the transformation he has shown in the last few months!!”
Mr Lionel D’Souza
Anthony’s father

“When I share with my son his experiences in Starkids and when he tells me about his activities here I wish I had such a school in my days. This centre is perhaps the best thing one can, at least, I can expect for a child.”
Mr. Joydeep Sen
Jyotiraditya’s father

“A very good and interesting enrichment programme! The kids spend two hours of quality time in a very positive environment. Thanks “Starkids’ for turning our kids into real Stars.”
Mrs. Madhuri Karnany
Apoorva’s mother

“Our kids are really enjoying in Starkids. We suppose this is the best gift to them from us .Teachers here are very nice and co-operative. They all love our children like their own.”
Riddhi Agarwal & Deepali Mehta
Gaurav & Dhruv’s mothers

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Sneha. Earlier she was very shy but now she blends very well with everyone and has became fun loving and outspoken. She has learnt to speak in English and is able to work on her own. We as parents are very happy about the progress made by her…."
Mrs. Mariappan
Parent of Sneha

"I am very satisfied with STARKIDS. It has all kind of good activities which my son learnt. He has improved a lot and what to say about her facilitators. The way my child was treated is just outstanding. I really feel this school was the best choice I have made for my son’s future!...."
Mrs. Olivia Saha
Parent of Dhrub

“I was a typical worried parent who had been fretting about my daughter’s school admission ever since she was born. The Principal and Facilitators at Starkids made me feel very comfortable and secure about her progress in the two years she spent a the preschool. I was constantly shown her progress and also made a part of the learning process. The constant feedback put my mind at rest and the results showed through when Purba got into Modern High as well as couple of other fantastic school. Thank you Starkids!!”
Mrs Priyanka Mukherjee
Parent of Purbaa

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