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CHALKBOARD offers Montessori Certificate Course for aspiring parents, teachers and Montessori school administrators. The courseware has been developed by a team of experts integrating the technology of the west and philosophy of the east for the long term benefit of the pupil and is based on the scientific discoveries of child development. It would be advantage to those who are keen in learning more about Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy & methodology. The Course is designed with a balance between theory and practice as both are vital components of any Montessori training.

It will be conducted over a period of 6 months to cover the application of the Montessori Methodology of Teaching for the children during their most formative years from 1.5 to 6 years of age followed by the adaptation for this methodology for children from 6 years to 10 years of age.

There will be an additional bench marking of having an International Certification under CAMBRIDGE ESOL as learners would get the opportunity to appear in the following examination:

TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning Assessment AIM
  • Inculcate educational insight
  • Foster competence to initiate lifelong learning amongst learners and problem solvers
  • Enhance knowledge through self and teacher-driven experiences
  • Encourage learning by manipulating materials and interacting with others
  • Cater to the understanding of physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive needs and interests
The course would be ideal for anyone who wishes to know more about the Montessori philosophy or has love for children. Aspiring students or teachers can enjoy the benefit of the Training as well. It will also be helpful to administrators who wish to build and administer Montessori Houses.

The minimum age for admission to the course is 18 years and eligibility is 10 +2 qualification. A good working knowledge of English is recommended.
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