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The Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers is designed with working teachers in mind.  Their purpose is to offer in-service teachers the opportunity for continuous professional development by allowing them to apply new learning to the classroom situation.

The Certificate has been designed to be flexible, so that candidates from a variety of teaching environments have equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.

Teachers and trainers are, or aspire to be, reflective practitioners. As learner, professional and institutional expectations grow, so teachers and trainers need to develop their pedagogical thinking and practice and thus enable their own confidence to grow and the experiences of their learners and colleagues to flourish.

Its practice-based assignment involves three different activities which give candidates the opportunity to design and undertake their own journeys into aspects of teaching, learning and professional practice. The syllabus and the assignment help chart the way forward through constructive professional learning experiences.

It is with such practical professional development needs in mind that the Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers has been designed. The Certificate is a practice-based qualification for continuing professional development.

The aim of the Certificate is to motivate and enable candidates to:

    Develop as reflective practitioners
    Update their professional skills through action and evaluation
    Innovate in their professional thinking and practice
    Share ideas and practice with colleagues

The Certificate is intended for teacher/trainers in educational establishments, training organisations and companies. They can be full-time or part-time. Their teaching role may be their only responsibility or one of a number of responsibilities they have within their institution.

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