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The Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers is for everyone who needs to be competent in carrying out learning and development activities professionally and productively.  In today's world of flexible and lifelong learning, teaching can take place in many different ways.  However, the skills, knowledge and understanding involved in teaching are generic and transferable. The Diploma is accessible to teacher/trainers in all areas and all levels of education and training.  The Diploma recognises the range of effective teaching and learning methods, technologies and styles now available, and encourages candidates to be thoughtful and resourceful in their approach to particular learning needs.

The Diploma has been developed specifically for international education and training environments and is based on recognised good practice. The performance standards embodied in the Diploma are valued in countries around the world.  They are designed to enable candidates to demonstrate that they can apply the skills and knowledge described in the syllabus specification in the context in which they work or are preparing to work.

The aim of the Diploma is to assess a candidate's competence in a range of learning and development activities.  The Diploma enables candidates to develop and demonstrate skills, knowledge and understanding in:

  • Design - planning and preparing appropriate learning programmes and sessions
  • Practice - facilitating active learning and learner involvement
  • Assessment - assessing learners' progress and achievement
  • Evaluation - improving teaching and learning.

Evaluation is done through four assignments (on each of the above modules) that have to be written and submitted to Cambridge.

The Diploma is intended for teacher/trainers in educational establishments, training organisations and companies. They can be full-time or part-time.  The Diploma has been designed to be flexible, so that candidates from a variety of teaching environments have equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.  These environments can range across teaching subject (from general to technical and vocational programmes), phase (from primary to higher education, or from basic to advanced training) and age of learners (from children to adults).

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