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“Teaching is like no other job. It is as inspiring, challenging and unique as each child you teach. It's a career that genuinely does make a difference. No two children are the same. No two days are the same. You have the privilege of opening doors to learning, and introducing children to lifelong interests.” U.K Teachers Training Agency.

Gone are the days of teaching where teacher delivered using formal instructions & the student passively received the knowledge. Today the teacher’s role has become wider as he/she has to develop skills, knowledge & understanding of each learner. The activities, environment and technologies supporting learning have become varied & dynamic and demand the teaching professional to be competent, creative, flexible, resourceful & open-minded. CHALKBOARD, a division of APEX KNOWLEDGE GROUP, provides complete Teacher Training and Recruitment solutions for teachers and schools.

Chalkboard provides a range of options for schools and individual teachers to upgrade their skills, competencies and abilities with various structured, customised, and open enrolment programs.

The organisation has successfully conducted many workshops on various requirements including Curriculum Development, Teaching Methodology, Assessments & Evaluation, ICT in Teaching, Educational Leadership, Professional Development Planning including Soft Skills, Lesson Planning, amongst others.

The Teacher Recruitment Services provide new and experienced teachers with excellent avenues in the teaching profession, both in India and abroad!

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