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Q. How much would a Starkids Franchise cost me?
A. Depending on the size of the Pre-school, the investment would vary. For further information on investments, please email us with your details and expression of interest.

Q. How long does it take to open a Franchise?            
A. After signing the formal agreement, it would take 2 to 3 months on an average to set up and kick start the entire operations.

Q. When can I break even?
A. The break-even point varies for each Pre-school & Enrichment Centre as it depends on variety of factors such as the centre performance, initiatives taken by the franchise and business potential of the location where the franchise begins the centre. However in our case, the projected break even horizon would be around 9 months.

Q. Where are you offering franchises?
A.  We propose to have franchisees in all major cities and towns of India, however our roll-out plans will be done in a step wise phased manner.

Q. Do I need to currently be from an education background to be accepted as a Franchisee?
A. No prior experience in the education/preschool sector is mandatory. Prior experience however would be desirable. Our Franchise program is designed in such a manner that it assists a new franchisee in all areas of operations. An interest in children and their development is preferable.

Q. What is the term of the franchise agreement?
A. The initial agreement will be for a limited period of 3 years with an option of renewing it further. Renewal of the agreement is subject to mutual agreement of both parties.

Q. Do you provide any teaching aids?
A. Yes, we do. We start helping you from the set up phase to help you resolve issues arising during day-to-day operations. 

Q. How will advertising be handled?
A. Part of the advertisement will be handled by Starkids management through a centralized marketing fund. Local advertising shall be a part of each event and fall in purview of the franchisee.

Q. Yes, I am interested in taking up the franchise for Starkids. What should be my next step?
A. Please contact us with your background and contact details and we will together work out the process of embarking you on the journey to fulfill your dreams.

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