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"It was an excellent and exciting experience to see our little ones learning and enjoying together here in this camp…"
Sutapa Chakravarty, Dakshinpara Road, Kolkata
"It was a good opportunity for my child to participate in an excellent learning & fun event during his summer vacation…"
Nilanjana Dutta Bose, Baishnavghata Patuli Township, Kolkata
"I had a great experience and with this. My child has learnt many things especially how to mingle with the people. It was a good idea and an excellent exposure to keep this camp…"
Sambaagi Ravi Kumar, Tollygunge
"It was indeed a memorable as well as an enjoyable experience and will remain for long time in our memories…"
Sharmistha Bhattacharya, Chanditala Lane, Kolkata
"Ordinarily, my daughter would have wasted her vacation with TV … thanks to Starkids, I was able to give her three weeks of organized learning and lots of fun.  It was amazing to see her want to go to Starkids and not even mention TV.  A great show!"
Aparna Agarwal, Ballygunge, Kolkata
Aditya is a changed person even after spending only two weeks at the Starkids Camp.  He is more outgoing and has started mixing easily with other students and guests at our home.  He loves talking about his day at Starkids.
Rohita Sood, Salt Lake City

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