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History of Abacus
Abacus is actually a Latin word with origins in the Greek words ‘abax’ or ‘abakon’ meaning “table” or “tablet”. Abacus is a tool invented by the Salamis, then labeled by Mesopotamians & used in China for more than 900 years as a mathematical tool. Abacus is termed as the father of computers. It is the oldest counting devices, which is still enjoying popularity. This interesting device has a rich history that covers half the globe.

The time line of the abacus history:
3000 BC:  An early form of abacus finds its origin in China. 300 BC:    Abacus finds extensive usage as a counting device in China.
1000 BC:  The counting boards are used by the Chinese. 500 AD:    Europe starts using abacus
500 BC:    Counting boards are used by Romans and Greeks.  


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