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CEO Message
Maria Montessori said….. “Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world”

We, at Starkids want to facilitate our children to experience true learning blended with fun filled activities. We are sincerely committed to
  • Encourage a quest for learning
  • romote the joy of learning
  • Uphold the importance of life-long learning.

Our aim is to help children to be inquisitive and enthusiastic to become lifelong learners. Our young learners explore concepts through hands-on experiences, enjoy formal as well as informal interactions and enrich themselves to venture into the process of enduring erudition.

Starkids is a warm, friendly, welcoming place where parents and learners always feel supported and loved. Each Starhub is a safe and happy place where everyone is valued and nurtured. We support children as they develop personal, social and academic skills that form the foundation for their success later in life.

We sincerely value what one of the greatest educationists Rabindranath Tagore has said…

“When I bring you coloured toys, my child, I understand why there is such a play of colours on clouds, on water, and why flowers are painted in tints”.

We try to offer the best possible attractive, colourful, supportive and conducive environment that clearly justifies our passion and dedication to promote lifelong learning. The 'Code of Behaviour' at Starkids is straightforward, un-demanding, positive and effective as our ultimate mission is to create a learning platform that encourages each young soul to function at his/her highest level to become an independent learner.

At our Preschool we offer challenging learning experiences in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. With a vision to foster learning as a rewarding process we make sincere attempts to prepare our toddlers beyond academics with the objective to develop them into strong yet caring and pleasing individuals.

Our Enrichment Programs offer very special and unique platform to our young learners. Through a series of integrated activities we make every effort to provide comprehensive information that value and support their intellectual, creative, physical, social, mental and emotional development. Here, learners are exposed to ample opportunities to explore and identify their hidden talents.

Whether our pupil are attempting to speak a new language in the Language Classes or are mastering English through the ESOL Programmes or are channelizing their coherent development in the Abacus Classes, we not only focus to achieve beyond and broaden our learners’ learning experience but also provide opportunities for all to discover and grow in confidence and self- esteem.

In our exciting Star Edutainment Camps, through exotic, engrossing and electrifying activities we help our campers to unearth, develop and excel with the motto ‘to learn through fun’.

We believe in strong, progressive relationships with the community. We persuade our learners to do their best, take pride in their work, develop self discipline and show respect for others at all times and to develop the skills to be positive and caring members of our community and be aware of the needs of others. We encourage our parents’ involvement in this development process and seek their whole hearted co-operation in our endeavour. At the same time we are ever approachable and willing to help in any capacity necessary.

I feel privileged & honoured to be part of the Starkids team of life-long learners and on behalf of the team welcome you all to join us and experience the excitement of this learning venture at Starkids.

Ms Gargi Sen
Chief Operating Officer

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